Thank you to all of you who shared your stories with me and were kind enough to write a testimonial about your experience where I was able to be the bridge between you and your beloved pet.  Another big Thank You for your pictures of your beloved pet to go with your testimonial.  If your picture is not here please send me one you want on this page.

Anita has been communicating with my dogs since 2016 and has been a great help to me, especially in times of sadness. When your beloved dog is getting close to the end of their life, it is a great comfort to have someone with Anita’s expertise and gifts to be to be able to talk to them. When the time comes to let your pet go and you are heartbroken, often the people closest to you don’t understand your grief and they think that it’s just an animal. Anita understands your sense of lost and gives you the opportunity to talk about your animal and find out how they are, which helps a lot. With Farley, Anita spoke to him when he was ill to see how he was feeling, as time passed and his condition deteriorated, he agreed to let me know when he was ready to go.

After his passing I was miserable and missing is physical body in my home. I asked Anita to speak to Farley and he sounded so happy. Death doesn’t seem to mean anything to animals, just moving on. Farley told me that he is always with me and that he was sending me another dog. A male, white with a black patch covering his right eye and ear. Farley called him ditto because he said he had two black dots at the back of his white ear like ditto marks. Sure enough I found Arthur in an advert and there he was with his big black patch. BUT, it wasn’t until I got him home that I saw the ditto marks!! behind his ear. Wow..

I still miss Farley and ask Anita to talk to him from time to time. I can still feel his long ears. I used to gently pull them out straight. Farley says to imagine his ears when I’m feeling anxious. I highly recommend Anita and I’m am so appreciative that she is in my life.

Ruth H. UK

Wow!! Not even a peep out of Hapa all night!! Thank You so much for your help.

MT Hawaii


“Anita has done work on all three of my dogs with very interesting results. I’ve had two of my dogs since they were very young puppies, and I know their histories. The things Anita learned from working with those two dogs has been consistent with what I know about them. What I found most compelling is the work that Anita did on my third dog, Luna, because I found her abandoned on a highway, emaciated and darting in and out of traffic. She is three years old and I don’t know anything about her life prior to finding her, other than the circumstances under which I found her. I suspected that Luna was abused and neglected based on her skittish behavior, especially around men, and also her intense anxiety. Luna developed an strong bond with me and is very possessive of me, especially around my other two dogs, and also other dogs. Luna also jumps on me (and only me), and normal training techniques have not helped with this problem. Anita had a strong sense that Luna was adopted by a family with young children and later abandoned because the family could no longer keep her. Anita has helped me to understand that Luna’s inappropriate behaviors toward me stem from her anxieties, and she can’t help herself right now. Rather than trying to train the behaviors out of her, I’ve learned to be much more patient with her. Anita has been doing work on Luna to release trapped emotions. Luna is a work in progress, and I know that this work is helping her. Anita is skilled, loving, and patient, and has a very special gift for working with animals. I love working with Anita and highly recommend working with her to learn more about your pet and get them the help that they need.”
Terri Q, San Diego 

I met Anita in the Spring of 2015 at a Body and Soul Wellness Show. ! She has been incredibly helpful, dealing with our dogs, clarifying with them issues around behaviour, questions concerning their reasons for being in our lives and their end of life wishes.! ! The first time Anita connected with our 15 year old dog Katy, she told her she was in our lives to bring fun, joy and happiness. The second time was after Katy forgot she wasn’t 10 anymore and came running downstairs to greet us, skipping the last four steps, (like she used to) however this time she landed in a heap and could not get up.! ! We carried her upstairs and then agonized about what to do, should we put her down? I telephoned Anita, who did a body scan, and found Katy’s pelvis was out. Next day we saw the Caine Physiotherapist and sure enough.! ! However it was pretty much down hill from there, we began lifting her in and our of vehicles and helping her stand to eat, she became so weak it was hard for her to get around. Again I phoned Anita, Katy told her she wanted to die on her own, in her sleep, if we could just be patient with her. She said she loved us and had had an amazing life with us. She wanted us to have fun and lighten up ( if we could) and not get caught in the “details”. She forgot how to get from room to room and would get stuck behind and under furniture. When I rushed to rescue her and lift her into my arms she would say HaHa, like “isn’t this funny.”! ! Finally she did not want to eat even the broth we offered in a syringe, she would take just a little water in a dropper. Then the “details” showed up, seizures and convulsions! My husband thought maybe we needed to get the vet, I said absolutely not. We had a week of this. We used “Rescue Remedy” and/or a drop of maple syrup on her tongue both seemed to calm her systems as thing just naturally shut down. We stayed beside her 24/7 taking turns, she was never alone.! She died with us both by her side, thanking her for the love she had brought to our lives.! ! I cannot imagine what this process would have looked like without Anita’s help, I know it would have ended very differently. Yes, we were and still are sad however we feel very blessed to have had the experience of our precious little dog passing naturally, as it was meant to be.! HaHa!

Cherie M. BC


“I called Anita to help me with my dog Sherman. He has been gnawing at his front paws for about six months. I have done everything from seeing the vet to putting the dreaded cone on his head. Nothing was helping. I turned to Anita and she tapped into Sherman. What was really surprising since the reading is he was a lot more calm because I listened to what he said and have been creating a better balance in the household. Anita’s kind and caring nature helped not only Sherman but me as well. I highly recommend Anita, you might be surprised by what you learn about yourself through your fur-kid.”

Amanda, BC


The information I received from Anita was so helpful, it gave me insight into how to make sure our dog leads a happy and fulfilling life.

Marg, BC

The reading gave me a feeling of peace that although my dog is no longer with me I feel he will always be in my heart and helping me through each day.

Jenny, BC

Thank you, Anita for a wonderful reading with my canine friend Benson, who left his physical body 3 months ago. It was wonderful to check in with him once again and confirm that our relationship is still intact even without his physical presence and I am looking forward to meeting the puppy he is educating for me. The reading was done at a very busy trade show, yet I felt very much at ease and well connected and Anita gave both Benson and myself her undivided attention for a great inspirational reading. Grateful!!

Christine, Vernon, BC

Benson head
Benson jump bigger 2

Around a year of grief over the loss of our beloved Pedro, I thought I better search out why I couldn’t let him go. Apparently I hadn’t learned what he was trying to teach me! Thanks Anita, for bringing this forward for me!

Tamara, Vernon, BC

I had a reading this morning by Anita. Something told me to reconnect with a rescue dog, Tucker, who passed many years ago. His soul purpose was to ground me, to teach me to be in the moment, to lighten up. He reminded me that is as important today as when he was walking the hills with me years ago. I am grateful to have had the reconnection and the guidance to remain grounded and in the moment. Thank you

Jan, Vernon, BC

“I’ve used Anita’s Animal Communication skills on several occaions over the past year with my sweet minpin, Tukka. She has helped me with food concerns, various health issues and tough end-of-life decisions. In each session, she was 2000% committed to listening and sharing in a gentle, respectful manner. Tukka and I both immediately felt comfortable with Anita. We will forever be grateful for all her help.”

~Tukka and Flo Randall Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


At first I was a little skeptical, but after my friends reassurances, I decided to give it a go. Anita described my Max’s playful disposition to a tee. When mapping out his body, he talked about dental, lower back & hip issues. Anita thought it was about him, but in fact he is concerned about those issues with me. And in fact, I do presently suffer in those areas. Anita is a delight, and it was such a pleasure to gain more insight into Max…

Denise, Vernon, BC


I consulted Anita regarding my 17 year old cat Winston. I was very upset as I was sure he was dying and I did not know what to do. Anita, was very caring with me, and helped ease my pain and stress by talking to Winston. He told her he was not ready to go yet and he needed some Vet help as well as what he needed me to know. Everything Winston was able to tell me through Anita was accurate and very helpful. Anita was kind, compassionate and non-judgemental.

Tara, Kamloops, BC


The readings were very informative and interesting. I really enjoyed the body mapping especially since Chloes crests was mentioned and Poes missing eye was hit on. That’s what really tells you a true connection is being made and by chatting about the bridge between pets and their human counterparts it gives you a chance to look in from some one elses eyes and build and enrich upon an already established bond.

Kami, Houma, LA


“Anita was very professional and sensitive in her approach to my dog’s health problems. She gently gave me several insights, and things to ponder, to help my girl feel better and how to improve my life at the same time. I am very grateful as it was the help I was searching for. Anita is clearly very gifted in communicating with animals.”

R. B. New Jersey


First time I’ve contacted an animal communicator; Id not even gone specifically looking but came across this site when I was researching about becoming a trainer for therapy dogs! I am really chuffed & blessed with the reading Anita did for Bobbie & I. I was slightly hesitant as Bobbie is my world and I was concerned contact may have been sacrilege somewhat but Anita made me feel safe and secure and I just knew she was the right person to do this for us. Anita went above and beyond in her accommodation of my specific requests. Bobbie & I thank her for bridging the gap in this way & we both wish her love & light & many blessings; she has a beautiful soul 💛

Julie Harding, UK


“The Ancestral Clearing sessions that I have had with Anita have been the missing link for clearing several different issues I was experiencing. It is fascinating how seemingly disconnected emotional patterns can have such a big influence in our everyday life. We have explored issues that were weighing me down and showing up as sensations in my body. And as a beautiful bonus for this work, whatever pattern was cleared, it was cleared for my ancestors too! After working with Anita, I feel freer and lighter. I highly recommend that you experience for yourself the incredible reach of an Ancestral Clearing session. Victoria Jimenez, ON, Canada.”
I was guided to Anita, when I was looking for someone to speak to my dogs..

My Foxhound Farley had been diagnosed with an immune problem that had caused his blood platelets to fall very low and his condition was life threatening. The Vet could do nothing more for him. Medications were not helping and it was just a matter of time before he died.

Anita spoke with Farley on several occasions and it was a great comfort to hear that he wasn’t in pain. In fact Farley was more concerned with my welfare than his own. How amazing is that! Anita also carried out an Ancestral Clearing, to remove blockages.

Animals are very matter of fact about passing as they are aware that they are coming and going all the time (unlike most Humans).

Farley told Anita about our strong bond and his love for me, which is beautiful but hard
to hear when you know that your dog is about to leave you and you just want to hold him and keep him with you….

The decision had to made to let him go, so in consultation with Anita an appointment was made for 27th September (a beautiful triple 9 day). Farley went home xxxx

Farley reminded me through Anita, that everything was perfect that he and I had planned this before we both arrived on the planet and he would continue to guide me on my soul path after he transitioned.

The universe is truly amazing…

I would highly recommend Anita as she has a true gift and is very caring and compassionate. I will be asking Anita to contact all my dogs.

Ruth Haywood, UK


Back in 2001, I fell in love with a colorful floppy earned puppy, the last of her litter, being sold at a flee market in Florida. O.D. (Our Dog) quickly became the notorious Houdini when tied up outside, and she quickly escaped to visit everyone within a 2 mile radius. This lively beagle/Australian shepherd mix was not a suitable breed for confinement and an RVing lifestyle.
During the summer of 2002, I needed to return to Ontario due to my mother’s poor health. My late husband, Ron, stayed in South Dakota with our RV and O.D. That was the last I saw of my dog. Ron insisted that O.D. had bonded with an RVing couple from Montana and that they wanted a good herding dog for their ranch. Knowing that O.D. would have a happier home life, free on the range, Ron gave my dog and all her belongings to this travelling couple. I guess I never really believed Ron, thinking O.D. might have run away or that he given her to the Human Society since she was such high maintenance. Also, telling me all this on the phone, on the day of my mother’s death, was a double shock to my system.
Anita, thank you so much for seeing the spirit of O.D. joyfully bouncing around my legs. Knowing that she is still around me and guiding me on my path, gives me a sense of completion and peace. Your kind words and reassurance gave me great encouragement to feel O.D.’s excitement for life and the bond we will always have between us. I can now consciously let go of the doubt and resentment that I held towards Ron – unknowingly for all those years. Your gift is a blessing to all animal lovers.

In Light and Love,
Kay, Summerland, BC

The picture below is my Amy, we spent 16 wonderful years together. Amy went to the other side of rainbow bridge 4 years ago July 3rd 2013. I grieved her loss that she wasn’t with me but I felt her presence with the huge love ball she left inside my heart. As Amy was leaving her body her soul went through my heart and up through my head, the most beautiful experience Ive ever felt in my life.

Then I was given Anita’s phone number from a friend who had a reading with her dog. When Anita connected with Amy I knew it was her when she said Amy has come in and went straight to her heart, thats how Amy left me through my heart. Anita relayed information to me through Amy that was bang on and signs to watch for when she is around. I felt much better after the reading,felt I had a huge release from the grief I was feeling. Just affirming that Amy is at my feet following me around all the time.
I would recommend Anita to all my friends and even people I don’t know that want to connect to their pets over the rainbow bridge. Anita made it comfortable and explained the process she does to connect with our pets.

Thank you Anita

Shawn Tetlock


Ancestral Clearing Testimonials

Anita has an incredible connection to the universe. I’m not sure how she does it but whatever she does work. 4 days after my first session with her, working on generation more cash flow, I met my first coaching client that turned into 3 months of working together!
Naturally, as soon as I was feeling another slow down in progress, I reached out and Anita was happy to help. That same day I scheduled a session with a new client and booked an introduction call with another. I highly recommend reaching out to Anita to learn how she can help you reach your goals.

Thanks Anita!

Rae Roth, San Francisco, CA

Every time I am more amazed at the reach of possibility for the Ancestral Clearing work with Anita. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my ankles, both sides. It had been going for a while and I had noticed that it would get worse with some shoes. In our session Anita worked releasing this discomfort and after just a few moments, I could feel the difference when moving/stretching my ankles! By the end of the session, I could freely stretch both ankles without discomfort. And those bothersome shoes? No longer a problem! Thank you Anita so very much for the amazing work you are doing. Victoria Jimenez, Ontario
“Anita’s unique mix of ancestral clearing coupled with animal communication is a potent tool. After our session I felt a shift in my body, completely eliminating the anxiety I had around my dog nipping and barking aggressively at others. Although Leon’s triggers are present at times, mine are gone so I am able to handle tricky situations with ease and grace. The love flowing between Leon and I is stronger than ever, and I recognize his great capacity as a teacher in my life. Connecting with the soul contract was extremely comforting! Thank you so much.”



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