Anita Unrau


In 1973, I was in the hospital giving birth to our son when my husband Orville showed up from a horse sale telling me about this funny looking horse he bought that looked like a cross between a Jersey cow and a horse. Little did we know that Gorgeous George, as we called him, would change our life completely. The next 40+ years were spent importing, breeding, raising and selling Norwegian Fjords horses that took us all across Canada, Continental US as well as a large part of western Europe. We moved from Bergen, Alberta to Armstrong, BC in 1986 then moved to our current location in Rock Creek, BC in 1988. We competed very successfully in the carriage driving sport of Combined Driving. We drove pair and single with Fjords as well as other breeds, such as Hannoverian, Thoroughbreds, and warmbloods. In 1997 we worked three months on the movie “Thirteenth Warrior”. starring Antonio Banderas, with 21 head of our horses. Orville was riding during filming while I worked as a wrangler cleaning the big tent that housed the 70 plus head of horses as well as any doctoring, etc that needed doing. As Vancouver Island has little frost, there are a lot of bugs and bacteria that our horses were not used to. When we came home we brought the germs back with us and I was taking temperatures and giving antibiotics to those with high temps. I used my intuition to see which ones did need treatment and used the thermometer to back up my intuition. All my life I had been doing things intuitively with my animals and did not realize it most of the time until someone questioned my methods. The three months of work with our horses on the movie enabled us to pay off debts and go east to compete at the FEI level in January 1998.

We competed with our Hannoverian Gelding, Strausser, who also worked as a stunt extra on the movie. At our first event in March in Florida, Orville won the marathon overall, at our first FEI event. We were on cloud nine. Combined driving is a team sport. You need a horse, carriage, driver and someone (me) on the back of the carriage to balance and work the back end through the hazards and tight spots on the marathon. The first day is the Dressage test and I learnt to keep my mind blank by pretending to watch a black screen TV, otherwise the horse/s would pick up my mental pictures and anticipate a turn or movement before they reached the letter that was the signal of a change of movement. We entered more qualifying events through March to June and made the Canadian Team and at the end of June flew from Toronto airport for Germany with horse, carriage, tack family, etc to train for a couple of weeks before going to Ebbs, Austria for the inaugural Single Horse World Driving Championships. What an experience that was. We ended up the top placed Canadians of our team of three, and 18th overall out of 64 countries competing at our first World Championship.  In the past I had always done a lot of my work/chores intuitively, such as sorting by using mental pictures of what horse I wanted to move into what paddock, what to feed each horse and how much, who was showing signs that needed attention, how to doctor severely cut horses when we had cougar problems, etc. We were quite a ways to a vet so I learned to trust my instincts and doctor with what I felt needed to be done. I had amazing results with my unorthodox methods. One day I listened to a webinar with Darius Barazandeh and his You Wealth Revolution, whose guest that day was Danielle McKinnon, who just happened to be an Animal Communicator extraordinaire. I decided at this time to use my intuitive skills in a more conscious way and signed up for Danielle’s classes in Animal Communicating. What an exciting and fun journey it has been and I have not looked back since! See my Testimonial page for what some of my clients have to say about their readings.

August 2016 seen my certification with Danielle MacKinnon completed and in September 2016 my completion of John Newton’s Practitioner I and II for Ancestral Clearing.  I have incorporated the Ancestral Clearing with the Animal Communications sessions.  Also accepting appointments for Ancestral Clearing for people or their animals.

Strausser at Live Oak

“A Bridge Between You and Your Pet”  “A Bridge Between You and Your Body”