I am now offering Ancestral Clearings in conjunction with my Animal Sessions or stand alone for the human.  “A Bridge Between You and Your Body”

I am certified with John Newton’s Health Beyond Belief program.


Ancestral Clearing: What is it?

John has taught me his techniques to help remove the blocks, burdens and what ever our physical and emotional bodies are hanging onto through our own lives as well as  our ancestral lineage.  These techniques are used to facilitate healing by remove ancestral issues that may be blocking you from living deeply fulfilling lives, manifesting your desires and restoring the physical, emotional, financial and  spiritual well-being we all seek.  John’s work is designed to support people waking up to their true nature and be free of suffering.

Most animals are very empathic, especially our companion animals, attuning into what we are thinking, feeling and doing while teaching us to not take life so seriously.  As they are empathically tuning into us and we are not resolving our issues, they  in turn are impacted by our worry, dis-ease, daily stresses,  even our worrying about them, our animals.  Since everything we feel and do can impact our companions, these same upsets and stressors can be affecting  the physiology of the animal by creating  similar issues.  When I do the Ancestral Clearing work on you,  it can support our animals during this mutual stress between pet and person.

Services are the same amount of time and price as an Animal Reading.  Can be an Ancestral Clearing appointment or a combination of Animal Reading and Ancestral Clearing session.


While doing my Ancestral Clearing Master, Forgiveness and Abundance prayers each morning for personal Health and Abundance, the thought came to me while praying “WHY NOT DO IT FOR EVERYONE”.  WOW!! what a novel idea.  Who doesn’t need some Health and Abundance prayers each morning?

I have started a list of names for these daily Clearings and if you would like to be part of this daily prayer list for your Health and Abundance, send me your name and make a  donation payment to me through e-transfer (if in Canada) or through PayPal.  I will be saying these Ancestral Clearing prayers daily each month.

Here is what a few people have to say about their Ancestral Clearing sessions.

“Every time I am more amazed at the reach of possibility for the Ancestral Clearing work with Anita. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my ankles, both sides. It had been going for a while and I had noticed that it would get worse with some shoes. In our session Anita worked releasing this discomfort and after just a few moments, I could feel the difference when moving/stretching my ankles! By the end of the session, I could freely stretch both ankles without discomfort. And those bothersome shoes? No longer a problem! Thank you Anita so very much for the amazing work you are doing.”

Victoria Jimenez, Ontario

“Anita has an incredible connection to the universe. I’m not sure how she does it but whatever she does work. 4 days after my first session with her, working on generation more cash flow, I met my first coaching client that turned into 3 months of working together!
Naturally, as soon as I was feeling another slow down in progress, I reached out and Anita was happy to help. That same day I scheduled a session with a new client and booked an introduction call with another. I highly recommend reaching out to Anita to learn how she can help you reach your goals.”

Thanks Anita!

Rae Roth, San Francisco, CA


Ancestral Clearing is a complement to any professional healthcare that one is receiving and is not a substitute for diagnosis or care.  Please see your proper medical authority first.


“A Bridge Between You and Your Body”

20 Minutes $30 CAD