Animal Communicator


Welcome to my website, I enjoy consulting with animals on the soul level. All animals are here to connect with us in some way…


What does Soul Level Animal Communication mean?

Is your pet trying to get your attention and has something they want to  make you aware of?   I can be a bridge between you and your pet.

Maybe your pet is getting ready to transition and you want to know what your beloved friend wants to express to you.

Do You Have Struggles In Your Life?

Look closely.  Sherman, The Great Dane, isn’t even tightening up the rope, but Max and Roxie are pulling hard.  Do you feel like this some days. Pulling for all you are worth but not realizing there is no resistance at the other end!!  Does your animal have something to say to you about it?

Feeling Stuck!!!

Tia is looking at the world through a narrow perspective.  Want to broaden your horizons?  Ask your animal what they have to say about it.

“A Bridge Between You and Your Pet”