Anvil’s Acres




14.1 hh Stallion

Anvil’s Lyn, CFHA #3059, NFHR # 07-7318-S

Born May 4, 2007

Sire: Leidjo CFHA #370 NY #N1945 (we imported from Norway)

Dam: Anvil’s Lyna CFHA #413.

Dam’s Sire: Rudaren CFHA #74 NY #N1853 (we imported from Norway).

Lyn has been driven in a pair with our gelding, Magnum.  Has had some single driving and has been ridden around the 320 acres.  Orville’s choice if he is coming up for lunch from the corrals and doesn’t want to walk so will ride Lyn up.  Tie him up to the hitching rail come in and have lunch, while Lyn stands quietly.  Summer of 2017 we hauled Lyn, Magnum, Mina and Katie to Alberta, to visit our daughter and take part in a wagon ride.  Lyn stood quietly the entire 16 hour trip which included blowing a tire on the trailer, limping to a parking area to change.  Then getting the tire fixed as not a good idea to be going through the mountains with no spare.  All in all was a long day for the horses that were incredibly well mannered the entire time.

Price: $12,000.00 US plus shipping costs.  

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Anvil’s Lyn – Driving Package Offer

Complete and ready for the driving enthusiast. Steel wheeled pleasure cart with Bowman Harness. This was our harness maker of choice when we were competing in Combined Driving. We used for everyday driving as well as marathon harness. The harness on Lyn is the same harness maker and lightly used.

Price for Fjord Stallion, Cart and Harness

$15,000.00 US plus shipping costs

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Anvil’s Magda SOLD

CONGRATULATIONS TO BRIGID WASSON, Northern California on her purchase of Anvil’s Magda.

Anvil’s Magda, NFHR # 16-7485-M, is a brown dun mare, born May 21, 2016. Sire: Anvil’s Lyn, sired by Leidjo CFHA #370 NY #N1945 (we imported from Norway) and Dam:Anvil’s Magdalena CFHA# 2580 sired by Anvil’s Regin CFHA # 407. Magda is 14.1 hh as a new three year old. Magda was long lined  in January in preparation for driving her in the spring. Magda has now been ridden a few times and is going away from home willingly in a relaxed manner.   She is used to tie stall, hitching rail and being handled when brought in to do some ground work and now ridden in different terrain.  As a three year old most of Magda’s days are spent running freely on the mountain side learning how to balance and handle herself in rough terrain making her an ideal candidate for Combined driving or any other discpline where balance and forward movement is desired.


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Anvil'sMagdaIMG_20190127_112150 copy
Anvil'sMagdaIMG_20190127_112438 copy
Anvil'sMagdaIMG_20190127_112445 copy
Anvil'sMagdaIMG_20190127_112337 copy

Magda’s first time ridden


Magda’s first ride outside of corral in enclosed pasture.

Anvil'sMagdaIMG_2260 2

5th or 6th ride and out on 300+ acres.  So relaxed and willing for a new 3 year old.


And home again, heading to barn.

Magda’s last ride, to the top of the property,  before being turned out for the summer.

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