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February 23, 2016

Blog #1
Have you ever awaken in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, mindless thoughts flicking through your head? Then all of a sudden you get a eureka moment, aha moment or the light bulb goes on moment?

That is what happened to me the other night. About 3:30 am a thought jumped into my mind about a time around 1990 when I had an Animal Communicator from Illinois do a workshop at my horse farm. We had sold a Norwegian Fjord horse to a beautiful lady in Illinois named Dana. She told me about her friend, Adele, that communicated with animals. Dana had talked about Adele being a wonderful Intuitive and travelled all over giving workshops on how to communicate with our animals. WOW!!!! What a novel idea.

I found enough other crazy people (remember this was 1990) willing to come to our farm and help pay for Adele expenses to come to a little community in south central British Columbia from Illinois and do a two day workshop. One of the exercises Adele had us do was to pick a tree and sit under it until we received a message from that tree. I have forgotten what message my tree gave me. The tree I thought everyone would want this Fir tree with the beautiful curve in the trunk. Nobody else even noticed how beautiful this tree was. Another WOW moment that everyone has a different vision of what they consider beautiful.

One lady walked across a field and sat under a tree near our property line. When the lady came back she had a funny look on her face. She went on to explain that her tree she sat under was very sad. When the lady asked why so sad? the tree said it had something to do with the people who lived nearby that were very angry. WOW!! Wasn’t that interesting.

Years later in 1997 we decided to put a driveway in near where the lady had sat under the tree. We drove to the Dept. of Highways branch near us to get permission to put in an access road to the top end of our property. We were explaining where we live and the man said he knew exactly where we lived. It was at the corner of Shotgun Alley and Angry Women Lane. WHAT!!!! The Department of Highways guy started to explain that the neighbour across the road one way used to patrol her property with a shotgun, hence Shotgun Alley. (Turns out in her younger years she was a Olympic sharpshooter and Biathlon medal winner.) The neighbours on the other side were some older ladies that would make angry phone calls to the Highways Dept. so therefore Angry Women Lane. No wonder that tree was so sad.

For Adele’s last exercise of the day, she asked us take an animal, some had brought their own dogs and others borrowed a horse or dog, and see what message they had to say. I used a white dun Fjord gelding we had named Eddie. I was leaning back against his shoulder, listening to Adele talk about what she wanted us to do, when clear as could be Eddie let me know that my friend Elizabeth was to learn to set boundaries. Elizabeth still talks about Eddie telling her to set boundaries as she has increasingly learnt to do and still working on it.

My middle of the night aha moment came when I realized that Danielle had taught us in our Animal Communication class, that all animals we come in contact with, no matter how fleeting, have a message/lesson for every one of us that do come in contact with them. It only took me 26 years to realize that Eddie’s message to Elizabeth, to set up boundaries, was her Soul Contract with Eddie in the brief time we were all together. My lesson was that I truly am “A Bridge Between You and Your Pet”


Anvil’s Edderkopp (Eddie) at the Snoqualmie CDE

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