I am “A Bridge Between You and Your Pet”.   I can communicate what your pet would like to teach you, pass along their message or answer a question you have for them.  I do this communicating in person or long distance over the phone.

  • I do distance readings over the phone or in person on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, unless an unavoidable situation.
  • Your animal can be alive and well or passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Even a wild animal that you know has a message for you.
  • I can do these readings with your choice of 15, 30, or 60 minute sessions.  15 minutes gives a brief overview of what the animal has to say to you and one question, 30 minutes gets into more detail of the soul contract and the one hour goes into much more depth and detail.
  • Additional time can be purchased during a session for $2 per minute
  • Would you like to host a Animal Communication party over the phone or live?  Contact me for more information.
  • Payment in Canada can be by e-Transfer or PayPal.  International readings by PayPal.
  • Payment must be received 24 hours or more before reading
  • Like to have a reading for half price?  After your friend/family member has a reading and mentioned that you referred them,  you can have your next reading at half price. Good for three months after initial reading.
  • Ancestral Clearing is now being offered in conjunction with the session or as a stand alone for humans wanting to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well being, whether from our own lives or from our own Ancestral lineage.
  • A  one hour Animal Reading and Ancestral Clearing combination consists of the reading in the first half hour and the Ancestral Clearing following up to clear the blocks standing in our way with our Animal Angels.

15 minutes – $35
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30 minutes – $60
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1 hour – $100
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Once you have chosen the time and made the payment please email me at to set up the date and time for the appointment.


“A Bridge Between You and Your Pet”  “A Bridge Between You and Your Body”

One thought on “SERVICES

  1. Mary Cunningham

    Hi Anita,

    This is Mary Cunningham. We met in Denver at John Newton’s training. I have just paid for a 15 minute reading for our beautiful dog Jenny. She has been chewing and licking her paws for the past 6-8 weeks. The vet says it is ragweed and said to give her benedryl. That gave only temporary relief. He then said to give Zyrtec. Would you please take a look and see if you can find the allergy and what we might use to treat it? Jenny was a rescue. We adopted her in June of 2015 at an estimated age of 6 months. She is a black lab mix and the perfect match for us. Thank you, Mary


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