Anvil’s Acres Norwegian Fjords


Anvil’s Willthony



14.1 hh Brown Dun gelding, Anvil’s Willthony, foaled 2014. Sire: Skogheim’s Viljar NFHR #09-6370-S (Norwegian Import) Dam: OFI Wilhelmina NFHR #10-6452-M.Dam’s Sire: Bluebird Lane Griffon NFHR #BBL-Q-1828-S.   Willy is always the first to come and greet you when you go out to the herd. Willing and eager to learn a joy to be around. Stands quietly in tie stall, hitching rail. Was ground drove fall of 2016 then this summer went back into training like his last long lining was yesterday.  Worked on stone boat and has started his riding training.    Price: $4,500.00 US For more info and pics email at or

OFI Wilhelmina




14. hh Brown Dun Mare, OFI Wilhelmina, NFHR #10-6452-M, foaled May 25, 2010. Sire: Bluebird Lane Griffon NFHR #BBL-Q-1828-S. Dam: Anvil’s Weilew CFHA #1827 NFHR #97-6318-M. Dam’s Sire: Leidjo CFHA #C-370 NY #1945. Mina is a gentle, people oriented mare that is well started in driving pair (on the right), single and riding the trails. A proven broodmare and excellent mother. Stands quietly in tie stall, hitching rail, to hook and unhook, mount. Has a beautiful ground covering walk. Price: $5,500.00 US. For more info and pictures email at or


Anvil’s Lyn



14.1 hh stallion, Anvil’s Lyn, CFHA #3059, was born May 4, 2007.  Sire: Leidjo CFHA #370 NY #N1945 (we imported from Norway) Dam: Anvil’s Lyna CFHA #413. Dam’s Sire: Rudaren CFHA #74 NY #N1853 (we imported from Norway).  Lyn has been driven in a pair with our gelding, Magnum.  Has had some single driving and has been ridden around the 320 acres.  Orville’s choice if he is coming up for lunch from the corrals and doesn’t want to walk so will ride Lyn up.  Tie him up to the hitching rail come in and have lunch, while Lyn stands quietly.  Last summer we hauled Lyn, Magnum, Mina and Katie to Alberta, to visit our daughter and take part in a wagon ride.  Lyn stood quietly the entire 16 hour trip which included blowing a tire on the trailer, limping to a parking area to change.  Then getting the tire fixed as not a good idea to be going through the mountains with no spare.  All in all was a long day for the horses that were incredibly well mannered the entire time.  Co-owner price: $6,000.00 US or full buyout is $12,000.00 US.  Sold to approved home only.



Anvil’s Magnum


14.1 hh brown dun gelding born April 17,2007.  Sire: Leidjo CFHA #370 NY #N1945 (we imported from Norway) Dam: Anvil’s Magdalena CFHA # 2580. Dam’s Sire: Anvil’s Regin CFHA # 407.  Magnum has been drove single and pair.  Rode on trails.  Stands quietly to hook and unhook or mount, tie stall, hitching rail, clippers, trimming and shoeing. Travelled long distances in horse trailer and always well mannered and nice to travel with.  Gets along well with other Fjords/Horses.  Price: $5,000.00 US.  For more info and pictures email at or